How To Add Google Site Kit to your WordPress Website

See all your key data within WordPress.

Site Kit is Google’s official WordPress plugin that allows website owners using the popular WordPress CMS to connect Google’s most widely used tools to their website without them needing to access or edit any code.

Additionally once Site Kit is set up, we also get to see all our key data in a single dashboard within WordPress.

Google tools included in Site Kit

Google Adsense. Helps website owners and content creators earn money from website monetization via display, text and native advertising formats where millions of advertisers compete for your ad space.

Google Analytics. Helps you measure website traffic and the sources of your traffic, while also allowing you to measure ROI among ott metrics and how users interact with your site and content.

PageSpeed Insights. Helps you analyze your website’s performance and provides you with suggestions on how to improve your site’s performance enabling your web pages to be fast on all devices.

Search Console. Helps you measure your site’s organic search traffic and performance, while also alerting you of any issues that need to be fixed. Search console also lets you see which search queries people are using to find your site and your average position in the SERPs for those queries.

Google Tag Manger. Helps you better manage all your website tags without needing to edit code which enables you to measure your advertising ROI more effectively.

Google Optimize. Helps you run A/B split tests on your website as well as offers you personalization tools in order to enhance user experciences.

How to Download Google Site Kit by Google

To download Google Site Kit, you have two options, firstly to download Google Site Kit from the WordPress plugins repository. This will require you to upload the plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

Or you can search for “Site Kit” via your WordPress dashboard by navigating to Plugins>Add New and making use of the search function to search for the Site Kit plugin. Be sure to install the one by Google.

Google Site Kit plugin in the WordPress plugins repository

How To Enable All The Google Site Kit Tools

Once you’ve installed Site Kit, you will be prompted with a setup journey. All you need is a google account. If you have a workspace account, you can use that too.

Follow the steps in the set up journey. Google will fist place a tag on your website to verify that you own the site.. Once ownership has been verified, you will then be able to set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

You may be asked to grant google a few permissions when linking your Google Account.

Note: if you already have Google Analytics or Search Console configured for your website – be sure to use the Google account associated with those properties. Google will be detect that those products have already been set up and you will be able to choose them during the setup journey.

To enable additional tools available through Site Kit, navigate to Site Kit>Settings>Connect More Services. Here you will be able to configure more services for your website.

Connecting additional Site Kit Services

Is Site Kit by Google free to use?

Yes Site Kit by Google is 100% free, however in order to make use of Google AdSense your website has to be reviewed and approved by the AdSense team.





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