How To See Search Console Insights in GA4

Google launched Search Console Insights in 2021 to provide webmasters with additional curated insights to help them understand how their site content performs, and is discovered on Google, thus giving webmasters another avenue to better understand their SEO performance and allow them to make better informed decisions to improve their content.

In July 2022, Google announced that Search Console Insights officially supports Google Analytics 4 properties. If you have created a new analytics property since July 2021, it is more than likely a Google Analytics 4 property.

Why you should link Search Console Insights to GA4

By associating (linking) your Google Analytics property with Search Console Insights you will be able to see 100% possible insights. If you don’t, you will only be able to see 20% of possible content insights.

Once your Google Analytics property is associated with your Google Search Console Property, Google will be able to provide useful insights for your site which is based also on Google Analytics data.

Linking Search Console Insights to GA4

If you have a Google Analytics 4 Property configured for your site, and Google can find a good recommendation for the association, Google will show it in Search Console Insights.

Note: if you have a Google Analytics Universal Property linked to your Google Search Console account, you will have to remove the Google Universal Analytics association in order to then associate your Google Analytics 4 property.

Step 1: Visit the Associations settings page in GSC

To manage your associations in Google Search Console and link your Google Analytics 4 property to Search Console Insights visit the Associations settings page in Google Search Console, by going to Settings>Associations.

Step 2: Associate your Search Console Property with GA4

If you do not have a Universal Analytics property already associated with Google Search Console, you can set up a new association and follow the prompts to connect your GA4 property.

Google Search Console Associations

If you do have a Universal Analytics property associated with Google Search Console, identified by the U1- identifier in the property id, you will first need to remove the Universal Analytics Association before you can associate your GA4 property.

That’s it, data may take a few hours to begin showing Search Console Insights or GA4, however now you will have more insights and better data for effective decision making in getting the most out of your website’s performance in search.





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