Social Media Marketing (SMM)

With more than half the world on social media, there’s a new customer around every corner.

Over the last decade, social media platforms have seen non-stop growth. During this time, we’ve seen how these platforms have become much more than just sharing your weekend activities.

Today the presence of a company on these platforms is an integral part of building a brand. Without social media marketing, your company may be falling behind.

What is social media marketing?

According to digitalmarketing social media marketing is using well-known social media sites to reach out to your target market and promote what your brand offers.

In the effort to grow your business, social media marketing allows you to connect with your audience and help them understand what your brand embodies.

How to use social media marketing?

Social media marketing may appear like a foreign concept equipped only for experts. However, there are many strategies aimed at helping small businesses grow their platforms.

With over 1 billion monthly users on Instagram alone, it is crucial to have an engaging narrative. Even a splash of color or a witty touch to your post will boost its appeal.

Nonetheless, if you are still unsure how to improve your designs, utilize social media design guidelines as a reference.

Focus on a smaller, but dedicated audience by working within a niche.

Targeting a niche enables you to access an audience of consumers already interested in your industry. According to marketingrevolution examining your competitors’ target audience can help you to determine your own.

By analyzing similar companies’ content one can get a thorough understanding of the strategies they employ. By following their lead, a successful competitor can help you launch your social media marketing campaign.

In addition to the content of the videos, pay close attention to the music featured in those clips. Those trendy songs might be infuriating, but they offer an entry point into an already-established trend that will attract more attention.

Collaborating with other businesses is another way of growing your brand’s social media presence.

With a partnership, your content will be seen by separate audiences instead of just your own. That means gaining twice the amount of exposure. 


There are a few prominent advantages to using social media marketing, cost-effectiveness is one such benefit.

According to TechTarget the cost of marketing on social media can be low. Once a marketing strategy is in place, it is possible to work on a small budget. A paid ad regardless of its cost will reach a far wider audience than an expensive billboard frozen to the spot.

Have you ever wondered why companies give away free products to their followers?

Giving back to your supporters is a crucial step for continuous growth. However, to enter a giveaway there are usually some rules: “Like, follow, and comment to enter”. Or, you can enter the competition by filling out a form with your name and email address.

Known as lead generation, this allows organizations to group potential clients by using their email addresses to send advertisements.

Understanding your audience has never been easier with the use of social media, according to Hootsuite.

Interactive platforms such as Instagram and Facebook allow users to contribute to the posts’ success. Sharing and liking will boost its popularity. Reaching high numbers of interactions from followers shows your audience’s interest in your platform.

Poor-performing content will reflect low interaction, therefore it is essential to rethink the content being published.

The preferred social media platform varies from person to person.

Demographics of social media users are widely available. Studying these demographics will increase your chances of reaching the intended audience.

Facebook is more favorable among seniors according to makeuseof. Consider using it if your target audience includes generation X or boomers.


In this day and age, posting once in a while does not cut it anymore.

Constantly updating social media pages with fresh content, engaging posts, and videos are integral aspects of marketing.

Ensuring successful social media campaigns depend on these elements, unfortunately, they also take more time than people think. Social media marketing is a time-consuming affair.

Growth on social media may take some patience, however, speeding this process along is possible with some extra cash.

To assume that social media marketing is free is a grave mistake. While a massive budget may not be necessary, paid ads can significantly increase your brand’s reach.

However, the pricing of these ads comes with financial risk reports WP Social Ninja.

Social media has brought communities together and enabled individuals to express their interests and thoughts however, it has the potential to do so much more.

Through the use of guidelines, trial and error and dedication, one can build a brand and expand their business!

Corne Meyer
Corne Meyer
Corne Meyer is a young content writer eager to produce thought-provoking blogs. With Marketing Buddy, he aims to offer readers easy-to-digest material alongside some food for thought. Nevertheless, don’t take this to mean he’s carefree about his work. The writer strives to deliver factual content by gaining a thorough understanding of topics.





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